Developmental work includes readings, labs, and workshops. The terms may vary depending on the specifics of the project and the arena in which the work is being performed. Below are links to the appropriate contract and/or terms of each SDC Agreement.

♦   If you are a producing member of the Broadway Leagueclick here to download the Broadway Development Contract.

♦   If you are a member of the Off-Broadway Leagueclick here to download the Off-Broadway developmental work forms.

♦   If you are a member of the Association of Non-Profit Theatre Companiesclick here to download the ANTC form contract.

♦   If you are producing under the SDC-LORT Agreementclick here to download the LORT developmental work forms.

♦   The promulgated SDC Development Contract (available below for download) is the correct contract for development projects produced by employers that are not covered under the above Agreements and which meet the following criteria:

1. Work done with actors whether “around the table” or “on its feet

2. No box office income

3. Not open to the press

4. Rehearsal period does not exceed three (3) consecutive calendar weeks

5. For any work with actors that results in any box office income, that is open to the press, and/or exceeding three consecutive calendar weeks of rehearsal, please contact SDC to determine the appropriate contract.


SDC Rep Suzette Porte x242