Members: You may now make payments directly through the SDC Member Portal.

Initiation fees, dues, and assessments are ratified by the Membership. All dues for the calendar year are due and payable on January 1. Dues that are not received by April 1 are subject to a penalty fine for each quarter in which they have not been paid.


Full Members pay an initiation fee of $2,000 (effective 1/1/16) and annual dues of $240 (effective 1/1/17), plus an assessment of 2.5% on all fees and royalties earned under SDC contracts.

Associate Members pay an initiation fee of $325 (effective 1/1/12) and annual dues of $75 (effective 1/1/12).  

SDC One-Time Payment
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SDC Annual Dues Recurring Auto Payment

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SDC Quarterly Dues Auto Payment

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To make a one-time payment online for any Dues, Initiation Fees, and/or Assessments, refer to your invoice and visit the Member Portal. Your payment credit will immediately appear as “pending” until it is applied by the Finance Department to your outstanding charges.

You may also make a one-time payment by choosing the amount of your payment from the SDC One-Time Payment drop-down or using the Other Amount box at the right. Click on the Pay Now button. This will link you to our PayPal website for payment. NOTE: If using the drop-down or Other Amount box at the right, you do not need to log in to the SDC Member Portal nor the PayPal website. We will look at the contact information you provide to PayPal and your Member ID Number when applying your payment. If the name of the person making your payment does not match the name we have for you in our system, please contact SDC to alert us. It may take as many as 10 business days for this type of payment to be reflected in the Member Portal.

You may also pay by check or money order made out to Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. Mail to: SDC, 321 West 44th St., Suite 804, New York, NY 10036


Automatic Recurring Annual Dues

SDC offers an automatic recurring payment option for all Associate and Full Members for the payment of Annual Dues. You may enroll in this option from January 1 through March 31 each year. This is the easiest and fastest way to pay your dues. Once you sign up, your annual dues payment will be automatically paid on the date of your first enrollment. For example, if you sign up on January 11, your next annual dues payment will be automatically charged or debited (depending on your PayPal preferred method of payment) on January 11 of next year. *You must have a PayPal account to enroll in the Automatic Recurring Annual Dues payment.

Automatic Recurring Quarterly Payments

Full Members (including Senior Members) also have the option to enroll in Recurring Quarterly Payments for their Annual Dues. You may enroll in this option from January 1 through March 31 of each year. Recurring Quarterly Payments continue until you cancel this automatic payment. Members choosing this method of dues payment guarantee that the full annual dues payment will be made by end of calendar year. If any automatic payment is rejected, your Membership will be considered Suspended until payment is arranged in full. Please remember that keeping your contact and PayPal account information up-to-date should ensure that your payments are accepted. Should you wish to change your enrollment in a recurring payment plan, please contact the Finance Department. *You must have a PayPal account to enroll in the Recurring Quarterly Payments payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment for a recurring payment plan is available only from January 1 through March 31 each year.


If you have an SDC-approved payment plan for your Initiation Fee and wish to make a payment, please use the Other Amount box above. If you have joined without employment under an SDC contract, generally you have two years to pay the Initiation Fee, with specifically timed installments. Once you have worked under an SDC collectively-bargained agreement you must pay the balance of your Initiation Fee within six months of that contract. If you have any questions about your Initiation Fee installment plan, please contact Michele Holmes at 646.524.2223