street-art-muralAs of March 27, 2015, SDC, SDC Foundation, and SDC-League Pension & Health Funds are located at their new address: 321 W. 44th Street, The Plant, between 8th and 9th Avenues just NW of Times Square.

The Real Estate Task Force, Board, and staff reviewed a number of potential buildings, using a matrix of criteria to consider seven key qualities: size, Member benefit, location, livability, brand, up-front cost, and long-term cost. Consistently ranking high on the list was an office space that added value to the Members.

After completing a rigorous selection process, SDC’s Executive Board was thrilled to select The Plant as the Union’s future home. SDC Foundation and SDC-League Pension & Health Funds will share the office. All phone numbers and e-mail address will remain unchanged.

At a Glance

SDC’s new space offers a variety of benefits to the Membership including:
> A space that speaks to SDC’s brand, one that is as vibrant, dynamic + professional as its Members
> A cafe where Members can enjoy a cup of coffee + quiet between meetings or shows
> A conference room available for Members to reserve for meetings (Availability begins April 14, 2015)
> Staff areas that are designed to foster the collaborative nature of the Union’s work

Read more about The Plant.

The Videos

Packing and purging aren’t the most exciting activities on which to report, but Board and staff made the most of the opportunity, creating a series of videos to humorously share the long and arduous process.

Special thanks to Executive Board Members Evan Yionoulis, Leigh Silverman and Anne Kauffman, Members Josh Bergasse and Bill Castellino, staff members Randy Anderson, Elizabeth Nelson, Kristy Cummings, Adam Levi, Mauro Melleno, and Barbara Wolkoff, and volunteers Olivia Clement and Angela Santillo for making these films possible.

The Goldilocks Office

Where You Belong


SDC at The Plant

Building Our New Space: Click for Images

About The Plant

John Lennon recorded "Imagine" here. Bruce Springsteen recorded "Born to Run" here. Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Cheap Trick, the Allman Brothers, Cindi Lauper, and Van Halen have all recorded culturally iconic smash hits here. The Record Plant, a tenant of the building from the late 60's to the mid-80's, was the first studio to provide the music artist with a comfortable, casual environment for recording. A trailblazing innovator in the recording industry, The Record Plant single-handedly changed studios from what they were—fluorescent lights, white walls, and hardwood floors—into the living rooms that they are today.