SDC is the theatrical union that unites, empowers, and protects professional Stage Directors and Choreographers throughout the United States. Our mission is to foster a national community of professional stage Directors and  Choreographers by protecting the rights, health and livelihoods of all our Members; to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities, while educating the current and future generations about the role of Directors and Choreographers; and to provide effective administrative, negotiating and contractual support.

Our Jurisdiction

SDC has jurisdiction over the employment of Directors and Choreographers working in the following areas:

    • Broadway and National tours
    • Off-Broadway
    • Association of Non-Profit Theatre Companies, New York City (ANTC)
    • Resident Theatre/League of Resident Theatres (LORT)
    • Resident Summer Stock Companies/Council of Resident Stock Theatres (CORST/TSS)
    • Dinner Theatre/Dinner Theatre Agreement (DTA)
    • Regional Musical Theatre (RMT)
    • Outdoor Musical Stock (OMS)

SDC also provides Tier, Regional Commercial, and Special contracts to protect Members who wish to work for theatres not covered or referenced in one of the above mentioned Collectively Bargained Agreements.

Visit Contracts to learn more.

Our Values


We want to work with you. SDC understands that ours is a collaborative industry. We recognize other stakeholders and their concerns. We are committed to the well-being of the theatre ...


We will foster the advancement of the craft while honoring its history. SDC helps to identify and nurture talent, foster craftsmanship and artistic development, and provide resources to inspire and ...


We will protect your well-being. From negotiating fees you can live on, to providing competitive health benefits and pension to Members that qualify, SDC has your back. We negotiate for ...


Though based in New York, we are a national community. Directing and choreographing can be a lonely craft. SDC brings you together throughout the United States, encouraging the exchange of ...


We are here for you. Call upon SDC when you seed support. We have a dedicated staff equipped to work with an Executive Board comprised of professional Members and tenured ...


SDC respects and recognizes a Director’s and Choreographer’s unique artistic contribution and will defend it. We understand what you do, and we will help others understand too. We will ensure ...

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