The Special Contract is available for use only when pre-approved by SDC for projects that are either exempt under SDC Work Rules or any SDC minimum basic Agreement. Projects for Special contract use may include but are not limited to: Benefits, Concerts, Cruise Ships, Industrials. For Readings / Workshops please use the SDC Development Contract.

Producers and SDC Members interested in requesting the Special contract may do so by clicking on the application link below. Based on the submitted information, SDC will determine whether the activity is appropriate for the Special contract.

Special contracts must be filed prior to the first rehearsal.  Contracts should be mailed to SDC.

The appropriate health and pension payments should arrive in two separate checks- one made out to “SDC-League Health Fund” and the other to “SDC-League Pension Fund.” Health and pension payments should be mailed to the following address:

Zenith American Solutions, 140 Sylvan Avenue, Suite 303, Englewood Cliffs, NJ  07632

Once SDC reviews and approves the contract, an approved copy will be sent to both the SDC Member and Employer.  Late contracts WILL NOT be accepted by SDC if received more than 90 days after the first rehearsal.


sm-pdf  SAMPLE SPECIAL CONTRACT  (for reference only)