Upon joining SDC you’ll be among the ranks of almost 3,000 of your colleagues in the theatrical industry. This Union is the singular U.S representative of stage directors and choreographers with a mission to protect the rights, health, and livelihoods of our Members. We facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities, and educate each generation about their unique careers.

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SDC Full Membership is available to Directors and Choreographers who provide proof of paid prior engagement as a Stage Director or Choreographer for any theatrical production or companies organized under Actors’ Equity, AGVA, AGMA, or SAG/AFTRA.


Initiation Fee

$2,000 (effective 1/1/16)

Annual Dues

$240* (effective 1/1/17)

Working Dues Assessment

2.5% on all fees and royalties earned under SDC contracts

*Beginning January 2015, Full Members (both current and new, including Senior Members) will be charged a Special Assessment-Relocation & Technology, which was approved by the Membership at the 2014 Annual Membership Meeting. This $150 assessment will contribute to SDC’s capacity building advancements with the relocation of the offices and an information systems conversion. The Special Assessment will be treated like all SDC dues and assessments in terms of late fees and suspension. The assessment may be paid in $50 increments each year in 2015, 2016, and 2017, or the entire amount may be paid at once. Late fees will be applicable to payments not made by March 31 (of at least $50 of the $150) and failure to make the payment (of at least $50 of the $150) by July 1 will result in Membership suspension. For new Full Members, this assessment will be prorated based on joining date.

SDC Work Rules state that Full Members must work under contract whenever and wherever they direct or choreograph. SDC has many contracts that make this possible. Please refer to the SDC Contracts page for more information.


Initiation Fee

$325 (effective 1/1/13)

Annual Dues

$75 (effective 1/1/13)

You may submit your Member Application by email, fax, or mail, or complete the online application below.

Application for Full Membership (PDF) | Application for Associate Membership (PDF)