Statement from SDC Regarding Sexual Harassment

(November 3, 2017) In the wake of the revelations that have roiled the entertainment industry in the past few weeks, SDC has released the following statement:

SDC’s by-laws, work rules and collective bargaining agreements include protections for Members as well as set standards for their behavior.

In the theatre community, each union and every employer must protect their members and employees from inappropriate and unlawful behavior in the workplace, and that certainly includes sexual harassment. Employers and Members at every level of our field must be held accountable for their actions and protected from dangerous individuals.

Proceeding as a community to develop explicitly stated shared values and standards for behavior is essential. But to make certain the steps we take are thorough and effective, developing mechanisms beyond internal union grievance procedures, employment policies and commonly held beliefs will require deep consideration and collaboration. SDC is committed to that effort.

This moment compels us to ensure that each and every Member understands both their rights and their responsibilities, so that we can do everything possible to end not just sexual harassment, but any form abusive workplace behavior, to provide for a fully equitable and inclusive field in which everyone can work in safety and without fear.

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