Published quarterly, SDC Journal is distributed to SDC Members nationwide and is available to industry constituents, theatre education programs, and the theatre-going public at large. SDC Journal’s mission is to give voice to an empowered collective of Directors and Choreographers working in all jurisdictions and venues across the country, encourage advocacy, and highlight artistic achievement.




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Praise for SDC Journal

Young artists and administrators can glean a great deal of insight from this broad, behind-the-scenes approach to understanding the processes of – and deepening respect for – directing and choreography. These interviews and articles should be required reading for interns, fellows, or college students in any theatrical discipline.

One of the odd secrets of our field is how lonely it can be as a Director or Choreographer. I am especially excited by this new publication because it will make us not only better informed, but better connected with one another. Reading these pages is like being able to slip into the rehearsal rooms of master artists and colleagues at all levels working all over the country...a special thrill, and a great gift of learning. SDC is providing crucial leadership with this new format, and I am one grateful Member!

At last, the secrets of directors and choreographers revealed! What an insightful, engaging and easy to read compendium of all things SDC. After poring over the pictures, I actually read the articles, and consistently found them well written, revealing and not your usual “and then I” self-promotional fluff. This is the real thing, and while it is clearly directed at the SDC membership, it is also a valuable new voice for the entire theatrical community. Well done!

The brand-new SDC Journal is an exuberant, thoroughly informative, and absolutely necessary publication.  It celebrates the joy of creating plays and musicals for the stage, while illuminating the complicated process of actually doing it.

This should be a ‘must have’ for every aspiring Director in the country. SDC has found a way, with one magazine, of sharing great stories and elevating our understanding of what it means to be a Director.

The new SDC Journal is fantastic. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the work of old friends, discover rising new talent and learn tricks of the trade from directors and choreographers you admire. Anyone who is interested in how theater is made will want to read this magazine. Don’t miss the inaugural issue.  Trust me.  Dan Sullivan has never looked sexier!

The new SDC Journal is a fabulous read and a perfect reflection of the mission of SDC. Through its engaging profiles of accomplished directors and choreographers, its in-depth exploration of collaborative practice and industry trends, and its coverage of work from across the country, it offers insights into its Members’ art, raising the profile of the profession in the larger theatrical community and reinforcing a sense of community among its own, who most often work in isolation from one another. I have no doubt each issue will be eagerly anticipated.

Evan YionoulisMember

At a time when there is information flying around us at the speed of a tweet, how wonderful that this publication is available to an industry filled with thoughtful, creative people. SDC is now offering the industry a magazine that speaks to (not shouts at) issues and artists that are at the very heart of theatre making. Sharing the stories of these acclaimed Directors and Choreographers, who work all over America, and most often work alone, can only lead to more support and empathy for our art.

Finally a publication that let’s others in our community and the public at-large into the process and psyche of directors and choreographers – a process that is overlooked and taken for granted in many histories of the theatrical process of creating lasting works of art.

Dan KnechtgesDirector/Choreographer

Being a choreographer can be a very solitary position. The Journal makes me feel like I’m part of a community.

Josh BergasseChoreographer

I’ve been lucky to have worked with so many talented writers, composers, lyricists, choreographers, designers, and, of course, actors, and the atmosphere has always been generous. Welcoming. We enjoyed each other’s successes. Over the years, sadly, I’ve felt the loss of some of that companionship. So, you can imagine how enthusiastically I welcomed the first edition of the SDC’s quarterly. It is diverse, comprehensive, and most significantly, an important appreciation of the contribution of directors and choreographers to the art form that so many of us have dedicated our lives. Our union has gone a long way to restoring the sense of community I had feared we were losing.

Harold Prince

From the Executive Director

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Winter/Spring 2017

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Summer 2015

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Winter 2015

“Have the courage to follow your most idiosyncratic instinct. Find that most radical, insurmountable difficulty in your work and make that the center of your work.” – RICHARD FOREMAN I ...


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Fall 2013

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Summer 2013

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Spring 2013

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Winter 2013

When I was in junior high school, my mom put me on a one-hour Greyhound bus ride to San Francisco from Travis Air Force Base. I was with my friend ...


Fall 2012

For this second edition of the SDC Journal we feature a moment with Agnes de Mille on our final “Society Page.”  What an extraordinary woman—who was as passionate and articulate ...


Summer 2012

When I first arrived at SDC in the spring of 2008, it was on the eve of the Union’s historic 50th birthday. The Executive Board eagerly charged me with using ...

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