The SDC/League of Resident Theatres Agreement covers not-for-profit professional regional theatres throughout the country. The LORT Agreement is in effect April 15, 2012 – April 14, 2017.

Each Collectively Bargained Agreement (CBA) is bargained by a committee of members with experience in the appropriate arena (e.g., members with experience in LORT negotiate the LORT contract). They negotiate with a group of producers who represent management in that arena. The agreements generally last three to five years, and include terms of compensation, property rights protections, working conditions and the obligations of both Artist and Employer.


SDC Rep Randy Anderson  x232
SDC Rep Kristy Cummings x231
SDC Rep Adam Levi x245


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Dallas Theater Center

Contact: Kristy Cummings Work Phone Extension: x231 Website: LORT Agreement Page
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An Independent Producer’s Agreement (IPA) is an agreement made between an employer and the SDC, which may reference a collectively bargained agreement.  Though a theatre is not a signatory to any particular collective bargaining agreement, the theatre agrees to be bound to and comply with all of the terms of the Agreement.


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