SDC’s Executive Board consists of 34 Directors and Choreographers working across the country. Twenty-nine Board Members serve at-large and five Board Members serve as Regional Representatives, charged with serving the interests of their region as part of their Executive Board service. Regional Reps are voted on by the entire Membership. SDC’s regions include Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Central.

Honorary Advisory Committee

Karen Azenberg
Pamela Berlin
Julianne Boyd
Danny Daniels
Marshall W. Mason
Ted Pappas
Susan H. Schulman


Pam MacKinnon


John Rando

Executive Vice President

Oz Scott


Leigh Silverman

Vice President

Michael Wilson


Executive Board

SDC Regional Reps

Linda Hartzell

Northwest Regional Rep

Meredith McDonough

Central Regional Rep

Robert Moss

Northeast Regional Rep

Sharon Ott

Southeast Regional Rep

Casey Stangl

Western Regional Rep